A Case Study:

Creating Highly Interactive Online Professional Development Workshops

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Webcast Abstract

Most of us have experienced self-paced online courses —these can be perfect for teaching specific, constrained sets of information. But how can you successfully convey sophisticated techniques in an online venue? If you are interested in delivering interactive, collaborative professional development courses, then this “nuts & bolts” workshop is for you.

Learn the elements of a successful collaborative workshop

  • Scheduled online meetings and teleconferences with breakout rooms
  • Narrated online presentations for self-paced viewing
  • Readings about the theory and practice of your subject area
  • Videos related to case studies and summits around the world available on demand
  • Access to materials used in related organizations
  • Online discussions with other participants
  • Collaborative projects with assigned partners and other workshop participants

The case study for this webinar is a six-week, 100-student workshop in Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a world-renowned organizational development methodology. The workshop was led by AI creator David Cooperrider, co-facilitated by AI expert Lindsey Godwin, and co-ordinated by iCohere's Patricia O'Leary.

Key questions addressed

  • Strategy:
    • What is the strategic purpose behind the workshop?
    • What are the key metrics for success?
  • Marketing and Communications:
    • How is pricing determined?
    • What marketing / promotion techniques have proved most successful?
    • How far in advance are marketing efforts started?
  • Production Logistics & Support:
    • What are the main steps involved in planning?
    • How are production roles determined?
    • How are international students supported?
    • What is the best mix of live vs. pre-recorded events?
    • How much staff time is required?

This webcast is for educational purposes only, is sponsored by iCohere, Inc., and contains no advertising.


Lindsey Godwin Lindsey Godwin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Business Division,
Champlain College
Pascal Kaplan Pascal Kaplan, Ph.D.
CEO, iCohere
Patricia O'Leary Patricia O’Leary
Conference Production Manager,
Mr. Lance A. Simon Lance A. Simon
VP Business Development, iCohere
(Webcast Moderator)

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