Hybrid Virtual Conferences
USFS Case Study

Webinar Abstract

Secure online meeting extensions can save your agency time and money, and help you meet your CO2 reduction goals. The Obama administration has asked all agencies to reduce travel expenses. Online ("Virtual") conferences do exactly that. They can save your agency hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single meeting, and expand meeting participation at the same time!

In this webinar the USFS meeting team described, in panel interview style, how they got approval for and implemented their recent virtual conference. This is a unique opportunity to see how a secure virtual conference extension actually works, with live sessions, online discussions, networking, accessibility features, resource handouts and other interactive content.

"This annual event is intended to highlight sustainable operations taking place agency-wide... Each year, for the past three years, the Sustainable Operations Summits have 'led by example' by saving approximately $300K in travel costs, $100K or more in conference facilities costs, and 300 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions."


This webinar was produced and funded by iCohere, Inc. The Sustainable Operations Summit conference was funded by the U.S. Forest Service. Any views expressed in this webinar are for general educational purposes only and do not represent any official views or positions of the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Government, nor the Sustainable Operations Summit Core Team.

Caption Colorado Live Captioning for this program was provided by our partner Caption Colorado.

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