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Save money and staff time and improve your customer
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Based on fifteen years of real-world experience supporting organizations of all sizes and stripes, iCohere's modular design enables you to implement a wide range of online professional development and collaboration programs.

With iCohere, your options are broad -- from learning communities to virtual conferences, webinars, on-demand courses and advanced interactive seminars.

iCohere meets the evolving needs of your organization with affordable, scalable, highly supported, user-delighting solutions for desktop and mobile users.

Flexible Program Delivery Formats

Registration, learning modules, tests, automatic scoring, grade book, and certificates
  • Use our innovative Classrooms to configure courses in a variety of formats
  • Course content Pages can include videos, audio, files, text and links to internal or external content
  • Import unlimited SCORM-compliant modules or stand-alone courses (Requires SCORM Add-on)
  • Upload self-running Camtasia®, Articulate® and Adobe Captivate® presentations
  • Include live and archived WebEx® meetings
  • Add tests with questions in many formats, including true/false, multiple choice, multi-select, mix & match, short answer, and even essays
  • Enable proctored exams for highly secure testing
  • Customize how tests operate – optionally include test time limits, test weights, feedback on incorrect questions, number of retries, messages sent upon completion and more!
Add community aspects to courses where communication between students is critical
collaboration and networking
  • Discussion board for open and private group dialogues
  • Webinars for interactive training sessions
  • Instant text/video chat for easy connection between learners
  • Configure member profile pages with a wide variety of fields, entry and visibility controls, and popular social media links
  • Share podcasts and videos
  • Upload videos up to 2GB for desktop and mobile streaming

Ready to create a collaborative,
robust, scalable eLearning program?


Your All-In-One eLearning Platform Awaits.


iCohere offers 20 modules, simple and easy to use, yet extensive so you can select features to accommodate your specific program needs. We are always striving to expand features and improve our services for you.

iCohere 12 System Highlights (pdf)

Our system is designed to be as easy and flexible as possible. But if you should need help – we're here for you, by email or phone.
INTEGRATED TRAINING CENTER – Live and archived webinars, training sessions and meetings
intergrated training
  • 1,000‐seat WebEx training/webinar/meeting room for unlimited 24/7 use
  • Global 24/7 attendee & presenter support direct from the Cisco Webex team
  • Stream audio (VoIP) and webcam video, for up to 6 concurrent presenters/panelists
  • Quick setup for single sessions and event series, including automated reminders and announcements
  • Early access link for presenters
  • Unlimited playback streaming archives with video and audio, plus archive downloads to MP4 format for editing and reuse
  • Free mobile application for iOS and Droid
  • Integrated toll phone conference calls and Internet audio (VoIP) for live sessions
  • Tight integration with iCohere registration, payment processing
  • Detailed reporting includes number of minutes attended for each attendee
MULTIMEDIA RESOURCE CENTER – Advanced document and media repository/management system
  • Upload documents, videos, audio files, photo albums, PowerPoint sides, and other images that display in full page format, and mobile enabled
  • Embed and play streaming videos up to 2GB each with no extra pop-up window and no ads!
  • Use virtually any video and file format
  • Stream content across desktop and mobile
  • Permalinks – shareable links that enforce security on individual resources
  • Configure levels of folders and subfolders, with 10GB standard document storage
  • Track versions and document check‐in and out
  • Rate and comment on resources
  • Email notifications when a resource is replaced
  • Uploaded files are checked with Norton Anti‐Virus Enterprise software
  • Link resources to discussions, announcements, and custom pages
  • Drag & drop multi‐file uploads, and store files in multiple folders

Integrated Registration and Payment Processing

catalog iCohere gives you an easy way to create great looking online catalogs for courses and webinars. Organizations can process purchases on their own web site and "pass-through" the information to iCohere, or use iCohere's own built-in system.
iCohere provides an innovative course/webinar catalog. Simply add registration forms to a catalog and then place the catalog web link on your web site. As each course entry is updated the catalog is automatically updated too.
Create as many registration forms as you need, each with:
  • Custom branding
  • Expiration dates for each item
  • Direct link to register & pay
  • Integration with PayPal Payments Pro and Authorize.Net payment gateways
REGISTRATION & PAYMENTS – Signup forms for webinars, courses and premium content
revenue generation support

  • Customize forms for event registration or premium content registration
  • Offer discounted registration links by date, amount or percentage
  • Add purchasers automatically to specified groups in site
  • Email templates for customized transaction notices
  • Easy replication of registration forms
  • NO transaction or per-student fees by iCohere

Comprehensive Testing & Self-Assessments

TESTS & ASSESSMENTS – Tests with automatic scoring, grade book, certificates
test and assessments
  • Create before and after self‐assessment tests to reinforce professional learning
  • Load, manage and report on SCORM/AICC learning objects (requires SCORM add-on)
  • Create stand-alone tests to qualify students for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Create a question bank of re‐usable test questions in many formats including essays
  • Customize passing grades, question sequencing, time limits for test‐taking and more
  • Track test results through the iCohere Grade Book
  • Gain insight into question results with the Question Analysis Report
  • Re-use an unlimited number of questions through the Question Bank
  • Create courses quickly & easily using our innovative configuration tools

Powerful Collaboration Tools

MEMBER DIRECTORY – Site member listing and search
  • Integrate profile info with your member database
  • Choose from fill‐in text, drop‐down list, or radio button fields
  • Configure profile fields to be public or private
  • Include social media links for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, and more
  CALENDAR – Track all your events
  • Shared calendar or private calendar options
  • Color‐code calendar items by type
  • iCal attachment for calendar items (save to Outlook, Lotus, Google, etc.)
  • Manage group permissions for shared calendars
  • Create RSVPs/polls linked to calendar entries
WEB FORMS – Forms-based Data Gathering Tool
  • Create surveys before and after tests to reinforce professional learning
  • Supports a wide variety of field types and entry options
  • Filter, sort and export form results
  • Use our unique permalinks for secure form sharing
  PHOTO ALBUMS & POWERPOINTS – Bulk upload photos and presentations
  • Upload, preview and rearrange photos and presentations
  • Set names and captions for each upload
  • View photos in "Gallery" or "Slide Show" mode
  • Attach to discussions, announcements, member profiles
SECTION 508 SUPPORT – For users needing high accessibility
  • Comply with Accessibility Section 508 usability guidelines for VPAT specifications
  • Use Accessibility login with limited graphic and simplified menus
  WELCOME PAGE – Welcome and Orient Users
  • Easily create a polished welcome page to carry your mission and vision, instructions, or course syllabus
  • Embed graphics, photos or .html code
  • Include a site welcome video
ANNOUNCEMENTS – Communicate timely information to site members
  • Send news and updates to your community
  • Embed videos, PowerPoint decks, or photo albums
  • Upload videos or use "embed codes" from YouTube, Vimeo or Limelight networks
  • Embed images and link to a prerecorded presentation or learning object
  • Set group permissions for each announcement
  • Schedule announcements to "go live" whenever you wish, and to be deactivated when you wish, too
  • Attach documents and website links
  • Create feedback polls or RSVPs
  • Poll members and receive their responses directly through email
  • Limit visibility of special announcements to specific groups
  DISCUSSION FORUMS – Threaded posts for online learning, workgroup collaboration, and more
  • Unlimited forums, topics and posts
  • Create multiple discussion areas and blogs, with Threaded and Linear post viewing
  • Make selected discussions public, so non-members can view them as well
  • Sophisticated search for discussion posts including contextually-related posts
  • Rate entries and search by rating (both yours and average)
  • Send new posts to external email via the built‐in list server functionality
  • Attach files and website links
  • Embed images and link to prerecorded presentation or learning object
  • Subscribe to discussion topics to receive all posts and reply via email - Receive nightly or weekly digests of posts via email
HELP DESK – An easy way for users to ask for assistance
  • A central place for your site's FAQ and help desk links
  • Send questions to the support staff
  • Initiate an instant "QuickMeeting" when a support staff member is online
  PUBLIC DISCUSSION PAGES – Public Posting of Discussion Topics
  • Completely open content including text, multimedia, documents
  • Guest registration with screen names
TEXT CHAT ROOMS – Areas for scheduled or spontaneous online meetings
  • Create unlimited meeting rooms and instant "quick meetings"
  • Assign meeting rooms to be accessed by specific groups
  • Offer moderated or open sessions
  • Upload and share files and links in meeting room
  MESSAGES – Email system for site members
  • Send, reply and forward messages to individuals or group(s)
  • Include web links, attachments, even web pages using the HTML editor
  • Organize messages in an unlimited number of folders/sub‐folders Forward messages to recipient's external email address

Unique Virtual and Hybrid Conference Support

Globalize your annual meeting, or move an event entirely online.
INTERACTIVE WEBCAST ROOM FOR HYBRID EVENTS – Easy‐to‐use for even first-timers
  • On-site production management
  • Full HD video streaming
  • Interactive chat
  • Session handouts
  • Live chat facilitators
  • Customized branding and colors
  • Desktop and mobile support
  • Fast access to virtual conference help desk
  • Each day presented as a panel, so the agenda is accessible through one page
  • Live event(s) are bolded at the top
  • Customized videos can be played during breaks
  • On-premise hosting options
webcast room

Advanced Multimedia Production Services

Let our team make your presentations and webinars shine.
  • Red Carpet webinar production
  • Articulate and Storyline presentations
  • Built-in captioning, animations and interactions
  • Section 508 compliant presentations
  • Video and audio editing
Red Carpet Service

Advanced System Management and Customization

ADMINISTRATION & REPORTING – Easy‐to‐use interface for managing your sites
  • Full control over site configuration, role permissions and security settings
  • Robust reporting for site usage, member activity, and trend analysis
  • Interface for uploading users and exporting detailed user data
  • Financial reports for registrations
  • https encryption
  • Password security options
  • Automated user timeout options
  • On-premise hosting options
  • Custom site html header
  • Advertising spotlights
  • Payment trx gateways
  • Graphic entryway
  • Custom site colors
  • Custom domain name
  • Single Sign-on, Member pass-through
  • Secure web service APIs
  • Custom database & system integrations
graphic entryway